“We are concerned with climate change, ecological balance, technological change, everyday life and artistic exploration. We try to find a symbiotic relationship between land, plants and people and a sustainable balance. We try to invite artists, scholars and scientists to make changes that belong to the times, to continue to explore the every day amid modern dilemmas, and to explore human nature and its related aspects of reality.

We are in Sequerciani, and we are in Italy, we are on earth. ” by Marianne Burki & Li Zhenhua.

Sequerciani Arte Clima

Founded in 2021 by Ruedi Gerber, Marianne Burki & Li Zhenhua as Burki & Li, the duo artistic director team joined in 2021


Artists, researchers, academics, scientists, oenologists, cooks, writers, filmmakers, and individuals who care about the environment and human existence and who are willing to contribute to urgent environmental issues.